Sketches Before Bedtime

After children go to bed, and after doing all remaining house choirs, preparing dinner and eating, and just before taking shower and going to bed myself, I try to make some sketch. Here is the ones I made last night:




Where is the Bakery?

I love eating bread. If I was asked to choose one single thing that I would eat until the end of my life, it would definitely be a slice of freshly baked (fire oven) bread with a generous amount of butter on (and honey).

No wonder, I also love bakeries. I love the smell. I love the scenery. I realised I always look for the bakery as one of the first things if I am just visiting a new place.

So I just wanted to make a small series of the paintings of old small towns. I call it “Where is the bakery?”. Definitely, somewhere over there is a bakery where your nose will lead you to the lovely smell of just-out-of-oven bread.




I’m the Hunter

It has been a long long while since the last time I posted a sketch. Recent weeks, things were superb busy: Kids were home, my father came to stay with us for a while before returning to Canada for the summer, I was studying for my exams…Before I know it, June has been here and almost ready to say farewell to us. Time really flies by. Tomorrow is the longest day of the year and the beginning of the summer. 2017 is half gone by. Incredible…

Ok, here is something to celebrate the beginning of summer from the North Pole. Enjoy!


Woods in the Wind

Last week, while we were in the car returning from my laws, I saw that copses of trees standing oh-so-alone in the middle of the fields. It was a windy day, I suppose, as they slightly bent down to their side. They had a charming elegancy and grace with their thin, long trunks and dancing leaves. Just thought it was a view that is worth to make a sketch of and share with you.





My Pride and Joy

Miel Willem Memo is one and half year old boy. He is one happy boy. He is my boy.

Miel is crazy about dancing and music. He likes all kinds of animals, but especially chickens and bunnies. Miel has a huge bunny lovey, wherever he goes he carries it with him by holding its one ear and dragging it. He is my puppy boy.


Miel has huge blue eyes and a very charming smile. Miel smells so delicious, so sweet, so irresistible which immediately turns me into a kissing monster. He is my lovely boy.

Miel has a sweet tooth and a huge appetite. He knows how to turn on cooking channels (!) on TV and he watches them standing 10 cm away from the TV screen saying “njam njam”. Miel likes taking baths, putting his head under water (!) and is never afraid of it. He is my pride and joy.

Miel gets irritated when his big sister sings loud and kisses him. He doesn’t like eating meat. Miel loves his daily naps and pretends drinking Coca-Cola. He is my favourite boy.