Back to School

Easter Holiday is over. Maren goes back to the school.



Portrait of Marianne

The one on the left is painted on Moleskine watercolour sketchbook with aquarelle pencils. The one on the right is on Canson and made with the same pencils. I do not know which technique I like the best. But it is for sure that I like Marianne.


Little Agnes Was Scared.

Lately I’m working on drawing children. It is completely different story than drawing adults; facial structure is not as pronounced as in adults, eyes are bigger, proportion is different…

Little Agnes is one of my tries to gain a little bit of experience in drawing children.

Have a nice day!


I’d Kill a Dragon for You

This weekend, we were away for my daughter’s fourth birthday. So, I couldn’t really find time to draw. Today, I had a little time to sketch and this came out. Actually theme was on my mind for a long while and I have some other pages to share later today. But for now, here is the sketch of the day 🙂